Friday, January 25, 2008

Where's the Prozac when I need it???

Well, politics can certainly be depressing, can't it? I guess that's why so many people decide to keep out of it... Thompson is out of the race. And just when I had finally decided that he was probably the only real conservative running, too!! 

I just cannot get behind Mitt Romney. I don't think anybody should trust that guy (even if he's in their direct line of vision). Even the New York Times has commented on how Mitt Romney has changed his position from liberal to conservative on pretty much every issue since he was governor of Massachusetts. He's a "say what it takes to win" guy. Yuck.

Huckabee is a smooth debater when it comes to religious topics, but I'm not convinced he has the necessary knowledge to run the country (unless he's financially running it into the ground). He loves to appear compassionate, and it appears that he would love to spend my money very "compassionately." That coupled with the fact that he's a FORMER minister... I don't know. I just don't feel right about him. (I know, I know... it's not very rational to say that I don't feel right about somebody and that's why I don't support him - but it is what it is.) So... YUCK.

McCain is typically the one with an R after his name among a group of people with D after their names, working on some project or another. It was recently pointed out to me that McCain was in a similar situation during the S & L scandal of the late 80s. He and four Democrats were referred to as the "Keating 5" because they had profited from the scandal and had asked the chief investigator to back off the investigation. Ironically, it was after his own bad behavior that McCain decided that campaign finance reform was needed and he has worked tirelessly on behalf of the people to silence their free speech ever since. Eeeewwww!! YUCK.

And that brings me to Giuliani. He's not gaining much traction -- and he's not exactly a conservative (which may be stating things far too mildly). And he also has ties to criminals in New York. The only thing that he has going for him is that he understands the terrorist threat to the United States and the rest of the world. So, generally, he's a YUCK. 

Ron Paul -- well, I find it admirable that the man is tenacious enough to still be on stage with the others in debate. He routinely gets ten percent or less of the vote in each and every state. That's not enough on which to build a candidacy (for which I find myself truly grateful). As I've stated many times before, the man is close to certifiable when it comes to foreign policy. Not exactly who I would like to see leading the free world.

What is one to do with this group? Close my eyes and point??

Then when we go to the Democrat side, we have Hillary (recently endorsed by the New York Times - what a surprise!!). Shrill and mean, she is the ultimate example of what NOT to marry for every young man in the United States of America. Of course, it could be argued that the man she married is a large part of what shaped who she is today... But regardless, she's a scary creature.

Barack Obama... bless him, he does his best to keep the campaign decent (which is not easy to do when you're battling the Clinton machine). He truly appears to want change in the rhetoric and the ability for Republicans and Democrats to work together (on his agenda, of course). He could probably pull it off to some extent, too. 

And John Edwards... my, my, my. I wouldn't want him in charge of my local beauty shop, much less in charge of the good old USA. I actually shudder when I think of him going to court and representing people... I really think that he's in this to try and get the Vice Presidency this round, because even he cannot think that he's a serious contender for the Presidential ticket. 

Oy. Given this pool of people, I'm just not sure that I'm cut out to follow politics at all!! It's really a case of "no news is good news" no matter how you look at the phrase. We've reached a point where I cannot fathom a pretty outcome to the election. Sliced every which way, the outcome is (at best) mildly scary and (at worst) the beginning of the end. And yes, I'm purposely being melodramatic here. Just for the fun of it.

I can sum up the current crop with one word: YUCK.


H.L.Washburn said...

I have come to much the same conclusion you have, Jodi. There are no true conservatives in the race. They all have bits and peices of conservatism; McCain and Guliani are strong on defense and the War on Terror, Huckabee is a social conservative (I lean toward him because of his views on morality), Romney (and I finally figured out why all the talk show guys are for him, MONEY) is pro-business and understands the value of creating jobs through business, and Ron Paul wants a strong America. Each one by himself, well they have huge gaps in their conservative resumes to say the least. Was there no republican out there who was a true conservative in all areas? If it was Thompson, well he didn't exactly seem to want to win, so we are left with these guys. If AZ were a open primary state, I would go over to the Dems and vote for Obama, becuase McCain is going to win the primary here, so to vote for anyone else (Huckabee) really doesn't mean anything. But to mess with the dems, vote against HillBilly and see Obama do well instead of the Clinton machine, that wouold be of some value, at whatever sick level I think at, to me. I am with you...hold your nose and vote in November or close your eyes and point.

4ofusinNC said...

I understand leaning toward Huckabee because of his views on morality, but he's been caught lying during debates -- which makes me think that I can't trust the other things he says. One would think that a former minister with a clear view of morality wouldn't think that politics trumps that during debate... So I have trouble with that.

With McCain, I find myself wondering if he will be alive in November anymore to vote for!! Maybe it's just because of my attention span (or lack thereof), but I end up close to snoozing if I have to listen to him talk for more than 30 seconds.

Romney? I don't care how good he is with money -- he's a slippery, slimy thing and I don't want to have anything to do with him. Politics can be very distasteful, I know, but REALLY. Do we have to take it that far??

I did think that Thompson was truly a conservative. And people saying that he didn't really seem to want to win is not quite fair, I don't think. There was that general thought about him in the MSM, and then he got very little air time during debates. If it wasn't for the fact that Huckabee got a big push during his Iowa campaign because everybody was accusing him of invoking his faith to win, he wouldn't have gotten air time and people could have accused him of not wanting to win, too... I have a theory that the MSM didn't want Thompson to win -- it's just my own crazy theory, but it's there in my head, nonetheless. :-)

I have a feeling that the Clinton machine is going to take the Democrat nomination. She was just endorsed by the New York Times the other day -- of course, they endorsed her and then called on her to change her tactics all at the same time, but they still endorsed her. She has had the backing of the MSM pretty much the entire time. Plus, if she's falling behind she'll start to cry.

I have a feeling that McCain is going to take the Republican nomination. And it's going to be like Clinton going up against Dole. McCain won't have a prayer.

Just my lame predictions.

H.L.Washburn said...

I don't know yet if the Clinton Machine is going to win. Liberal Dems. are jumping ship and heading over to Obama left and right. Kerry, and now Kennedy are going over to Obama. I guess we will get the best view of things after super Tuesday. Do you guys vote then? When is your primary?

4ofusinNC said...

The North Carolina primary isn't until May 6th. By then, there's probably no point in even voting -- things are usually pretty much decided. We'll have to see...