Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't Call Me That!!

I believe in a woman's right to vote. I believe that women are created equal to men. I do not believe that women are the weaker sex. (Ever see a man with a cold?) I believe that if a woman is physically capable of doing a "man's job," she should be able to. But please, PLEASE... NEVER call me a feminist.

Susan B. Anthony herself wouldn't have anything to do with today's feminist movement as it appears to stand for three things:

• The right to abortion
• The view that men should be more like women
• The idea that there should be no true political discourse among women.

The idea that a woman must have the right to kill her offspring in order to be truly free is ludicrous. I just don't even know what else to say to this because it goes against all common sense. Abortion is an act of violence, not just against the baby, but against the woman as well. Adding to this the fact that many women who have abortions do so under direct pressure from the man who impregnated them should reasonably require a true "feminist" to dislike the process immensely.

Men are wired differently from women. It is this different wiring which makes men and women able to compliment one another so well. I don't want my husband to be more feminized and have, in fact, worked hard to ensure that I'm encouraging his manliness. There is just nothing remotely sexy about a wimpy, controllable man. This said, I also am perfectly willing to give my opinion about anything and everything to the man I love. I rely heavily on his love and respect for me in terms of influencing his decision-making. But, frankly, if I were able to simply make his decisions, I would lose much of the respect I hold for him. 

And lastly, Susan B. Anthony fought hard for women to attain the right to vote. I imagine that she would have envisioned women participating in public discourse, engaging in healthy debate, and thoughtfully considering their options before going to the voting booth. This happens in our society, but I don't see it among those who are self-described feminists. 

I see a lack of common sense prevalent among the feminists of today. To see a "feminist" championing Islam sounds ludicrous, considering how Islam views women. But you will see this on college campuses around the country. To see a feminist championing a "woman's right to choose" abortion, regardless of whether she's being pressured into the notion by a man is crazy. But the right to abortion appears to trump sound reasoning. To see a feminist disparage another woman on the basis of her political leanings doesn't sound very female-friendly. But you see it all the time among feminists. 

So I believe women are equal to (but not the same as) men. But DON'T call me a feminist.

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