Thursday, January 15, 2009

What If I Just Threw Up?

Seriously, folks. All the Obama stuff is getting out of hand. I understand that he's the first black president of the United States and all... and I really think that's a good thing. A different skin color is fine, no matter the color. I'm still not okay with Obama's policies, but I can deal. What I'm about to toss my cookies over, though, is all the HYPE. 

As soon as Obama won the election, I started being inundated with television commercials for Obama coins, Obama plates, I started seeing Obama Christmas cards and Obama - well, everything. That was already too much for me. But the fact that Marvel Comics put out a new Spider Man comic "starring Barack Obama" is (to put it mildly) over the top. Apparently, I'm on my own little island in this opinion, though - the magazine already sold out. Yes, it sold out in less than a day. But never fear, folks!! You can still get a copy -- they're coming out with a second edition. 

Is my family really so alone in our feelings? I just can't imagine that the entire country is in adoring-fan mode. What's to worship? I can't help but see Barack Obama as a narcissistic individual who has spent oodles of time posing in front of a mirror to get his camera face ready. 

Puh-leeze stop putting that practiced face on plates, cups, shirts, hats, buttons and coins. Please stop trying to sell me "Hot 4 Barack" hot sauce (Really??? For real?). 

"I Kiss Barack" lipstick, Barack Obama wine, Barack Obama post it note holders, Obama dog tags, Obama wristbands, glow-in-the-dark fridge magnets, paper weights, lighters, wristwatches, Obamabears, novelty cash... you get the idea. Of course, the one that takes the cake... the Obamarella (patented by New Thomas Technologies). This lovely umbrella lights up, displays Barack Obama, and (upon pushing a button on the handle) says, "We all agree with Barack Obama that the United States is in desperate need of change. Let's SUSTAIN in the RAIN and finally, finally, let's get it on!"

I suppose... perhaps I'm suffering from a case of sour grapes... I'm disappointed in the outcome of the election. On the other hand, I had no way NOT to be disappointed in the outcome (since I was disappointed in all my choices). So my grapes can't be all THAT bad. Ah, well... I guess now is the time to suck it up and simply be entertained by the insanity that is my world. 

Happy shopping, America!!

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