Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Pointless Post

I am not posting at all regularly lately for a variety of reasons. First of all, I'm really, really, REALLY sick of the news. This might come as an enormous shock to the people who know me well, but alas - 'tis true. Glenn Beck has been off CNN for a while now (although I understand that he's coming to FOX News) and he was the most entertaining doomsayer out there. I've never been able to stand Sean Hannity, and even Bill O'Reilly has not been yanking my chain. When I turn on the news, all I see is Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. (I don't know if it's just because I've never liked him -- but I'm REALLY tired of seeing him already. And did you see the new Barack Obama coins?? I'm NOT KIDDING!)

The second reason for my lack of blogger activity is that I've started homeschooling again. Actually, I should say that I've started homeschooling. Period. I haven't tried since the kids were in second and third grades and that only lasted a couple weeks. But since this time it needs to stick (the middle school here is completely unacceptable), I have been giving it my all. This generally doesn't leave a lot of time for digesting current affairs, forming an opinion (which, I admit, is the part that comes quite naturally for me), and writing it all down. 

The third reason would be the season. Yes, the holiday season! Between homeschooling my son, keeping up with my daughter's school activities (including her involvement in "Yankee Doodle's Dandy Christmas," which included the need for a costume making her into an early settler - and I don't sew), Christmas shopping (which, I must admit, I've only begun thinking about at this point), having relatives over for the Thanksgiving holiday (probably the most relaxing Thanksgiving I've had as "hostess" - you gotta love low maintenance people!!), and volunteer work at the elementary school... well, I guess you can probably understand.

I was told that my last post was just ICK with no real point. Most people prefer a point. I don't think I really have much of a point today, either -- in all honesty. Not really. Except maybe to say that I've found there are things in my life that have become more important that what goofball is going to be sitting in the oval office next, what congress has decided to do with the money we don't have, and how much the economy is going to tank before it gets better. These things would be my kids - my family. My local life, the here and now... where I have an influence and can do something positive. 

It's Christmas. Positive is good.

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Jason said...

Enjoy the holidays and give your family our best from Snowy (and now cold) WI. I'd love to see your daughter in full costume for the play. Lots of love, Jason.