Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some Bad Behavior For Ya

Well, one cannot help but be entertained by the bad behavior of those in oppositions to one's own beliefs. After all, their bad behavior must make them look bad to the thinking folks in the country, right? Besides, it's either be entertained by it or severely irritated. I prefer to go through life happy -- thus, I choose ENTERTAINMENT. 

San Fran Nan (otherwise known as Nancy Pelosi) recently had a moment. And the moment was not a good one, but it was momentous. She exposed herself as the seventh grade thinker that she is. No, really!! Check it out, because it's hilarious. 

Apparently she was in the middle of a press conference of some sort outside an old train station. Some demonstrators were there, and they (rudely, I imagine) interrupted Nancy with chants of "Drill here! Drill now!" Now, I should take a moment to say that I can understand feeling a certain level of frustration on her part. I mean, she's taken a very strong stand against us taking any of our own oil out of the ground, and I'm sure she's been taking some serious heat for it pretty much everywhere she goes (except, maybe San Francisco). Certainly, she should be able to have one lousy press conference without people hounding her about her beliefs and political practices. 

However, Nancy cracked. Not immediately, mind you. Initially, she tried to douse the situation with a bit of humor. "Right here?" she replied. Now, THIS was funny. A great response to a situation that had to be very annoying for her. Of course, she followed this up with her middle school speech, "Can we drill your brains?" 

WHAT?! Did that just come out of the mouth of a grown up? Like from a tall person? A fully grown human being? How strange!! Almost makes you wonder if her next sentence was going to be, "My daddy is bigger than your daddy..." Quickly followed then by a one-word sentence, "MINE!" The regression was that fast!

Of course the "drill your brains" comment was, by far, the most entertaining thing she said. But she followed it up with a speech about how drilling for our own oil would result in a reduction of gas prices by only a couple pennies a decade from now. And then majority leader Hoyer condescendingly insinuated that people who are for drilling here are not "thinking Americans." 

So,  yes... they're losing it. 

The bigger question is: Does anybody notice?

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