Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blame Bush Part Infinity

Anybody else tired of hearing our current sitting President blame the last one?

The GSA (General Services Administration) apparently went crazy on a conference in 2010 -- spending over $800,000 on their good times near Vegas. Obama's reaction? "Don't look at me... look at what Bush did!" Seriously. Very much like our national debt... his response to the current issues with spending and the national debt? "Bush did it, too!"

I'm not kidding. Their argument was literally that the cost of the conference increased mightily under George W. Bush. Here are the facts: Conference in 2004: $93,000. In 2006: $323,855. In 2008: $655,025. (Is your blood boiling yet? Should be... George W. Bush's administration sure loved to spend our money...) Obama's administration in 2010? $840,616.

Obama's argument is a little like a small child who was caught eating the chocolate cake out of the cupboard. He was just going at it... and he points to his brother who also has chocolate on his face and says, "He ate some, too!!!"

Yes, Bush did it. It made us mad. Bailouts and high spending irritate the tar out of me, no matter who is responsible. But stop pointing your dirty fingers at the Bush administration as a way to justify your own bad behavior. It's juvenile, it's unattractive, and it's stupid.

Short rant today -- but there's really not much else to say on that.

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