Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy...

Enough already!! I've heard it said that we're not to speak ill of the dead (although I must admit that I've never understood why death shrouds one in perpetual protection), but can we at least stop fawning over the death of Ted Kennedy? I logged into my google homepage today and CNN's google politics headlines were ALL about him. Each and every one. I kid you not. 

Headline #1, "A nation mourns as Kennedy family says goodbye"
Headline #2, "Kennedy seen as a champion for disability rights"
Headline #3, "Kennedy remembered as an advocate for all" (except for those who love freedom and capitalism, of course...)

And CNN's main headline included him as well with "Commentary: When Ted Kennedy spoke." I'm almost afraid to read that one.

Seriously though... enough is enough. The man has passed away, everybody in the country who follows politics at all knows that his death is going to be used to push health care "reform," his family and friends are very sad, and there's a vacant Senate seat. I suppose it is fair to report on all these things - and even to go into some detail without getting nasty and bringing up ugly history. But can we just be finished now? I'm almost waiting for the notice of a new national holiday in his honor...

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