Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranian Insanity

The unrest in Iran really gets me thinking... I'm not exactly happy with the direction in which our government is headed, but I can be grateful for what I still have. 

As the whole world is trying to watch (and only moderately succeeding), Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has rigged the Iranian election and then promised "bloodshed" if the people won't shut up and take it. This garbage has led, of course, to garbage spewed by our own beloved journalists, and I quote:

"What can we expect as far as accuracy, because we have our own problems, Florida in 2000." CNN

"Like Florida 2000..." CNN

"Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his main opponent have declared victory. Florida 2000 anyone?" MSNBC

"The Supreme Court obviously, in this country, doesn't decide who's going to be on the ballot, but in 2000 they decided who was going to be president. Remember that?" CNN

Ah, but I digress. Back to Iran... please.

The Ayatollah has followed through on his promise to not allow any more protesting. And, frankly, I've been a bit surprised that it lasted as long as it did. Moussavi, the shunned candidate, has called for a general strike upon his arrest. He told his supporters that he is "ready for martyrdom" while calling again for nullifying the election results. (An almost sure bet then that he's going to get what he's ready for.)

Our president warned Iran that the world is watching. Oooooo... I'll bet they're scared now. The world is watching, the best that it can with the press thrown out of the country. But the Iranian leadership doesn't give a hoot what the rest of the world thinks. They have no respect for us. They wish us dead. Gone. Six feet under. What do they care if we're watching? What do they care if we don't like what we see? Keep in mind, OBAMA, these leaders lying about their own national elections are the same people who are saying they wish to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. These are the same people you said, in Cairo, have every right to "nuclear energy." Maybe you're willing to take their word on spit and a handshake... I'm not.

The promised bloodshed has begun. I'm not naive enough to think the protesters are behaving themselves in a pleasant fashion. I'm sure there are some who are angry and acting stupidly. But the fact that people are being shot for standing in the street and saying they are unhappy with their government is... oh wait! It's not unusual for Iran. See, here's what really gets me. Many people here in the United States cannot fathom a government crushing its people the way that Iran is doing. But it happens all over the world. And it CAN happen anywhere. 

Liberties we enjoy here in the United States were hard fought and won by the bloodshed of our forefathers. It saddens me to see so many Americans taking these things for granted and assuming that the ugliness that is so prevalent in governments throughout the world cannot take hold here. Human nature dictates that it can... and if America's citizens are not vigilant, it will. 

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